League of Legends Jinx Guides & Item Builds – English

Jinx Guides & BuildsHere you can find the best guides and builds for the league of legends champion JINX! The Counterlist shows you against which champions Jinx is strong or weak. Take a look at the Lets Play Jinx Videos to learn from other players or watch pentakill videos while eating popcorn. The LoL Champion Jinx was published on october 10th in 2013 and costs 7800EP or 975 RP.

The best way you play your Jinx in LoL – Short Guide:

  • Your role is the ADC in the bottom lane.
  • Your summoner spells are blink and barrier or blink and ignite.
  • Jinx most important items are Dorans Blade, Boots of the Berserker, Bloodthurster and Infinity Edge.
  • You are strong against Caitlyn, Vayne, Kog´Maw or Ashe.
  • You are weak against Ezreal, Corki, Vayne, Lucian oder Varus
  • Your Skill Build ist R>Q>W>E
  • Your masteries are 21/9/0
  • You use Damage, Armor and Magic Resist Runes

Most used Items:

Most used summoner spells:

  1. Bloodthurster
  2. Dorans Blade
  3. Boots of the berserker
  4. Infinity Edge
  5. Last Whisper
  1. Blink
  2. Barrier
  3. Ignite

Jinx Top 10 Guides on Mobafire.com:

 Jinx Top 10 Builds on LoLKing.net:

  1. Overly Attached Jinx | Detailed ADC Guide [Gold I]
  2. Jinx – *The best ADC* (Guide for EASY WIN)
  3. Jinx – Pew Pew (HD Video Guide)
  4. Student of Destruction – Jinx ADC
  5. Platinum Crack Baby with Rockets
  6. Get Jinxed! 
  7. Let’s go, Fishbones! – A comprehensive Jinx Guide [PT-BR]
  8. Wanted Jinx – Push it to the limit
  9. Explodindo com a Jinx (PT-BR).
  10. Jinx – The Chaos on the Battle field.
  1. Jinx- The loose cannon! (bot or top)
  2. Jinx Crazily Op
  3. Jinx: Because Vi and Cait are just jealous
  4. Jinx! You owe me a Win
  5. Jinx Rocket or Minigun
  6. Jinx your way into diamond! I guess some people call it anarchy!
  7. Guia para Jinx ( portuguese tutorial)
  8. Yes, I can [Support]!
  9. Multi-kills for days/Jinx guide
  10. Jinx “She´s such a loser always ready to cry” 

Jinx Counters / Counterlist

 Jinx strong against:

  1. Ezreal
  2. Corki
  3. Vayne
  4. Lucian
  5. Varus
  6. Draven
  7. Quinn
  1. Caitlyn
  2. Vayne
  3. Kog´Maw
  4. Ashe
  5. Aatrox
  6. Twitch
  7. Tristana

Jinx Guide Videos – Lets Play

Jinx Pentakill Videos

  1. Jinx Lets Play Video from EvilBuschiLP – S3 | Jinx – Let’s Play League of Legends [German] [HD] – #086 ADC
  2. Jinx Lets Play Video from Gotti255 – Jinx, die Schießwütige – PBE Gameplay #League of Legends – AD Carry (German/HD)
  3. Jinx Lets Play Video from HorchundguckLP – Jinx I Let’s Play League of Legends Jinx Mafia Jinx Skin German Deutsch HD
  4. League of Legends #005 – Let’s play Jinx [ Deutsch | HD+] Eine ehrenhafte Niederlage !
  5. Let’s Play League of Legends #6 – ADC Jinx [Deutsch] [HD]
  2. League Of Legends : Gameplay – Jinx Guide (Jinx Gameplay) – LegendOfGamer
  3. Jinx Pentakill
  4. Jinx – 3 Pentakills, 1 Game – LoL
  5. Chaox – Jinx PENTAKILL #2

Jinx, the loose canon – all Information

We start with the Jinx Spotlight




Mafia-Jinx Skin:

More Infos and Sources:

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