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What Romanian Players say about the LoL Download:

League of Legends is a free online game, which is one of my favorite games. The game is very well organized, contains employees who daily to take care of and help players or staff who communicate with the community. A big plus point is that no purchase is necessary, but buying the virtual currency is optional. Variety is also available, even if only in small areas. So you have the choice over 100 different champions that differed from their skills, even if only a little. The selection of playing cards is unfortunately a number of 4 bit puny, but not bad because you can still have a lot of fun with them. Also the selection of the main mission is extremly low, it is in fact only one available, and that is the destruction of the enemy Nexus. Either by the slow noxusbeschützenden destroy the towers and inhibitors in Summoner’s Rift, the test and the Twisted Treeline, or by capturing towers in the Crystal Scar. Personally, I like many things. Weekly or special events, the variety of champions that community committed Riotmitarbeiter, the beautiful and creative skins (not all), as well as their beautifully written fictional stories. It is also not so bad that you yourself have the ability to more or less influence on the Set of registered players. Reported players come with me not exactly rare. Unfortunately, many of the community are not positive, screaming at others, give themselves rarely the fault, are racist, or leave the game without moving the middle course of the game (go AFK), or beleidgen. The balance of some champions, sadly, is not included, and some are Coming Reworks or even plain and off unnecessarily. My favorite champion mainly Mage / AP assassins, supporter and AD Carries. Especially Evelynn, Katarina, Akali, Sona, Janna and Caitlyn are among my favorites. I find LoL just fantastic, because you can spend the time very well with his friends, for example, the optional chat, the big game as well as the extensive discussion.

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