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Russian LoL League of Legends Download

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What Russian Players say about the LoL Download:

League of Legends is a game where you always have to answer it (my opinion) with a little brain, and plays on strategy.
You always have to be ready to try out new builds and skill revisions to find out their personal strengths, but also his personal weaknesses, and then tries to compensate for this.

Personally, I like the variety of champions that make every game, despite repeatedly the same map that again, because you always have different enemy champions and it does not become monotonous.
It’s what’s available for each flavor of Champions, because it has a huge selection of over 100 champions.

Mitlerweile I play League of Legends already 2 years, enormous fun and it makes me still.
My favorite champions are especially Sona and Kog Maw.
Kog Maw to play because of the different ways it (AP mid, AD carry bot AD carry top) and the enormous amount of damage.
Sona because it provides a good support, and the same can dish out a lot of damage. Especially the Ultimate Skill of you can decide the victory in every team fight.

However, what I do not like are people who are on very outrageous baseless manner directly insulting, because you lose a match. You can not win every round wait, that should make clear.

Also, I think it’s not so much that the new champions are not rebalanced properly. OP you come out, be nerfed one week later, but are nevertheless still too strong.

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